AlpVision, a leader in the supply of invisible solutions for protection against counterfeiting, will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2010 in New York, at stand 725, showing the full range of its solutions applied to pharmaceutical packaging and products commercialised under the trade names of Cryptoglyph® and Fingerprint™.

These solutions are appropriate for the different layers of packaging in the form of carton boxes, aluminium blister packs or flexible packaging, as well as for the tablets themselves and for various key elements of diverse glass or plastic-based containers.

No special ink, no taggant, no extra security features are necessary. No additional production cost is incurred and there is no visual change in the packaging or the products. Ordinary office flatbed scanners or mobile telephone cameras are sufficient to instantly verify whether a product is an original or a fake.

The AlpVision turnkey anti-counterfeiting solutions meet the requirements of the US health authorities (FDA 21 CFR part 11 ERES) with respect to pharmaceutical products and are guaranteed in accordance with the GAMP 5 CSV guidelines. They already protect billions of items against counterfeiting worldwide.