Case Packing Systems (CPS) has a case closer for every purpose in their program.

Whether the customer wants to close the case with tape, double taper, hot melt, hot melt and tape, CPS advises what various options are available, and can even put together a tailor-made case closer to suit their needs.

The better the cases are closed, the better they can be (automatically) stacked. On the other hand, the customer’s priority may be putting as much product as possible into the cases.

Due to CPS’ experience of packing frozen food, they have developed the case closer, together with the CP 201 case packer, in such a way that the loading grade of the cases is extremely high. This will save money for the customer in carton costs because a smaller case can be used for the same amount of product.

Customers are able to save a great deal of money, especially with rising energy costs in mind, as there will be less transport and storage expenses for fewer cases. For instance, if the cases are 1in lower in height, this allows for an extra layer of cases to fit per pallet. You don’t have to be a master in mathematics to calculate what savings the customer will make in the cold store warehouses and transport trucks per day, per month and per year.

Another benefit of the CPS case closing units is the use of hot melt, which is a great deal cheaper in contrast to the use of tape. Hot melt is not only cheaper to buy, but the production process is more simple, less critical and jamming-sensitive. Most importantly, the rent ability of the case closer is much higher.

By using hot melt, it is possible to close the standard American cases (type 0201), as well as the display cases (type 0209).