OxySense®, Inc. recently engaged Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI), an independent packaging development and testing company headquartered in Holland, Ohio, to compare the performance and accuracy of the OxySense® OxyOTR™ system to that of the MOCON® OxTran®.

“We’re pleased to present the PTI test results,” said Peter Gerard, president of OxySense. “We wanted to compare our performance with what, up to now, has been considered the gold standard, MOCON’s OxTran. We believe that these results confirm that the OxyOTR™ system offers a completely new and cost-effective way to expand OTR testing capabilities with assurance of comparable results,” Gerard added.

The OxySense OxyOTR™ system is an innovative, cost-effective option for laboratories wanting to expand their flat film and finished package permeation testing capacity. In addition, the OxyOTR™ system tests, for the first time, “live” packages.

The OxyOTR™ system also performs non-invasive headspace, dissolved oxygen and shelf life studies, using the instruments that have made OxySense the leader in non-invasive oxygen measurement. The all-in-one system is priced at a fraction of the cost, compared to even the most basic convention, two-chamber system.

“The OxyOTR™ system offers labs a matchless advantage of the ability to test finished packaging – those filled with real product which have been sealed on the production line,” Gerard noted. “We understand the importance of OTR measurement in packaging laboratories and believe labs will find many reasons to bring the new, OxyOTR™ into their laboratories.”

An unlimited number of permeation measurement studies on films and finished packages can be conducted simultaneously with the new OTR software and OxyOTR permeation chambers. All can be performed through a simple, semi-automatic testing procedure, while still providing the same non-invasive headspace and dissolved oxygen measurement capabilities for which OxySense® is known.

The OxySense® System fully complies with the new ASTM Standard F-2714.