The ACS (American Chemical Society) Entrepreneur Summit in Washington DC on 14-15 November is a great place to discuss and learn about chemical entrepreneurship and its challenges and opportunities in today’s global environment.

PACE Business Partners operates at the cutting edge of materials science and innovation strategy.

We advise global major chemical companies, SMEs and start-ups regarding their innovation strategy, new business and product development, venturing, and many other value-adding activities in the fields of (speciality) chemicals and additives, polymers/plastics and other advanced materials.

We’d love to meet you in DC and understand your company’s product(s) and value proposition, and discuss how we can assist your company on the road to sustainable growth and a bright future.

The ACS Entrepreneur Summit is an event for startups, small businesses, investors, corporate partners, government officials, students, professors, researchers, and journalists who wish to gain:

  • Opportunities to network with entrepreneurs, private investors, and corporate innovators
  • Greater insight into interests, trends, opportunities, and challenges in chemical entrepreneurship
  • Practical advice and information for chemistry-based startups and small businesses
  • New ways of approaching operational challenges, value proposition, and customer development