Swedish bio-tech company Add-X Biotech has signed a distribution agreement with the Italian company IMCD Italia. They will be a distributor of all different grades of AddiFlex® throughout the European country.

Markus Jörgensen, CEO of Add-X Biotech, said: "This is a very interesting cooperation due to the current situation regarding plastic in Italy.

"IMCD has shown great interest in our product and the way they intend to work with AddiFlex in the Italian market is really exciting for us.

"Initial meetings with potential customers have been held and already IMCD had proven to us that their approach will be of great interest for our common business."

Raffaele Paudice, business unit manager at IMCD Italia, said: "We are very glad to announce this new partnership. Biodegradability is one of the most interesting focus and strategic topic for plastic manufacturers and Add-X Biotech has clearly demonstrated to be very supportive at this early introductory stage.

"As a matter of fact, we are pleased to start promoting [the] AddFlex additive to Italian plastic converters."