The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) estimates that the worldwide distribution of counterfeit consumable supplies, such as toner and inkjet cartridges, amounts to approximately 4% to 5% of total revenue or between $3.5bn and $4bn annually. To combat this fraudulent activity, most suppliers integrate safety features, such as security seals and holograms, on the packaging. While these features may help deter counterfeiters and protect customers’ printing experiences, they are also easy to discern and therefore easier to replicate.

In response, AlpVision, a world leader in digital invisible technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection, has developed a breakthrough, multilayer brand protection solution that protects both the plastic cartridge case and the outer packaging without changing the production process or adding any additional consumables.

With no changes to the standard molding practices, AlpVision’s Fingerprint™ technology leverages the intrinsic microscopic surface irregularities found on most toner and inkjet cartridge plastic parts to help brand owners verify the authenticity of the product and detect fake ones. Additionally, AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph®, an invisible marking printed on packaging using regular visible ink and standard printing processes, protects the carton used to package the equipment. Both anti-counterfeiting technologies can be detected using a standard flatbed scanner or iPhone.

Mr Quincy Mattingly, regional manager of AlpVision, will present these solutions at the Imaging Supplies Coalition 14th International Anti-Counterfeiting Conference on Monday 20 August 2012 at 5pm, at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, US. He will demonstrate AlpVision’s technologies and explain how brand owners and manufacturers in the imaging supplies industry can use their own raw materials and existing printing equipment to protect their products against counterfeiting, while providing their customers with high-quality printing performances.

"The Imaging Supplies Coalition Conference provides one of the best opportunities to establish contacts with the major brands in the industry," said ISC president Allen Westerfield. "Member companies, security solutions providers, anti-counterfeiting organizations and governmental agencies will share their experience and expertise in stopping counterfeiting. Case studies will be used to demonstrate the evolving use of technology as a brand protection tool."