Alu-Lids, a leading provider of aluminium lids for the largest cosmetic companies in Poland, purchased a fully automated MPS EFA 430 flexo press to increase production, turnaround time and quality control. Also purchased was the MPS Performance Program to ensure long-term efficiencies and productivity from their press and operators.

Together with MPS’ new representative Reprograf-Grafikus in Poland, MPS regional sales director Anton Zhukov presented Alu-Lids the features of the EFA 430 flexo press that could elevate their production such as special aluminium packaging, very stable register and second pass printing for finishing effects, in addition to benefits of the MPS Performance Program. Due to travel restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic, Alu-Lids confirmed the sale over the telephone.

“We are a one-stop service,” said Dawid Kamiński, Alu-Lids CEO. “To guarantee shorter lead times, faster delivery and better quality control, a high-end printing press was essential. The MPS flexo press was the best choice as an addition to our production plant to increase capacity.”

In addition to the best possible technical solution, Alu-Lids was looking to partner with a service-focused supplier to provide guidance throughout the project, before and after press installation.

Improvement of printing production with ongoing support

“By owning an MPS press with their Performance Program, the control, monitoring, management, and improvement of printing production is in our hands, with ongoing support from MPS,” added Kaminski. “With the MPS patented technologies, we will experience higher productivity and efficiency with less commissioning and reduced risks. We are excited about installing our new MPS press and the benefits it will bring to our production!”

Anton Zhukov: “With 25 years experience in the label printing industry, MPS truly understands our customers’ needs and what they are facing. We bring tremendous value to the MPS Performance Program by ensuring our customers are supported before and after equipment installation.

The MPS Performance Program transforms our customer’s press into a printer’s equivalent of a Formula One (F1) Mission Control room, providing exact details to improve the overall print operation. All of this leads to higher productivity and profit.”

MPS EFA for full automation

The MPS EFA is a top-quality, fully automated multi-substrate flexo press, specially designed for label production and flexible packaging printing on various substrates. Providing the ultimate in flexibility and automation, the EFA enables operators to maximise press performance, thanks to its high level of automation, connectivity and ease of operation.

“It is not always easy to improve the supply chain, especially with the consistent print quality and on-time delivery,” said Tomasz Naglik, Reprograf-Grafikus product manager. “MPS flexo presses meet these criteria. Each MPS press can print with consistent quality on all repeat and similar jobs and can produce larger quantities of labels in a shorter period while running at extremely high speeds. This helps the customer run more jobs and increase revenue. We sincerely hope that, just like Alu-Lids, other prospects will also see and take advantage of value propositions offered by MPS,” concludes Naglik.