Asepto the liquid packaging brand from the house of Uflex is set to take the world by storm at ANUGA FoodTec 2018.

The much-awaited trade show will run from 20-23 March 2018 at Cologne, Germany.

Asepto is gaining global traction by setting benchmark towards efficient, optimised, safe and secure aseptic liquid packaging solutions for non-aerated liquids such as Juices, Health Drinks, Milk, other Liquid Dairy Derivatives and Distilled Beverages.

In fact Asepto is the first Indian manufacturer of liquid cartons for aseptic packaging, with an extensive product portfolio offering formats such as Asepto Pillow, Trio and Brick Packs in sizes ranging from portion to family (volumetrically 65ml-1,000ml). Asepto Spark and Asepto Premium comprise the value-added range.

Talking about the real value addition that Asepto brings to the table, Mr. Ashwani Sharma, president and CEO, New Business Initiatives at Uflex Limited said: “Asepto is redefining the contours of Aseptic Liquid Packaging world over. We are making the most of our in-house holographic and engineering prowess to stir up the monotony that has set in the retail shelves of aseptic packs globally. Be it the Americas, Europe or Asia, the existing liquid carton packs have nothing new and enchanting to offer to the consumers. Taking cognizance of this deprivation, Uflex has launched ASEPTO SPARK and ASEPTO PREMIUM range of packs.”

Mr Sharma further elaborates: “Asepto Spark offers a unique range of holographic and metallic packs giving customers endless possibilities of modifying their existing designs or creating a new brand proposition for their existing line of products. Asepto Spark enhances the aesthetic and functional elements of the aseptic carton packs giving them a distinct identity at the point-of-sale (PoS).

“In case of Asepto Premium, the metallic look achieved through flexo-printing technology is further accentuated by foil stamping, embossing, precision stamping, 3D Fresnel Lens, multi-lens holographic effects etc. rendering never seen before mesmerizing optical effects on the aseptic brick packs thereby bringing a revolutionary change in the liquid packaging industry. Our ASEPTO SPARK and ASEPTO PREMIUM range which is pegged as the true differentiator on the aseptic packaging retail shelf is all set to sizzle at Anuga FoodTec 2018.

“With Asepto hitting the shelves world over, I can assure that the global market in the next five years shall witness such spellbinding changes in terms of packaging design and shelf appeal which it would not have seen over the last three decades.”

Mr Ashwani Sharma added: “Being the fully integrated flexible packaging solution company that Uflex is, we have also engineered the associated Aseptic Filling Line called ASEPTO Smart 78, the first ever fully Indian advanced and sophisticated aseptic filling machine with a capacity of Forming-Filling and Sealing 7,800 packages per hour for sizes ranging from 100ml, 125ml, 160ml and 200ml slim packs. The machine comes equipped with special tools for superior and optimised operations.

“It has several significant features such as advanced integration with PLC, lesser electronic parts, better human interfacing making it operator friendly in addition to delivering highest production speed than any other comparable machines.

“The machine is low on maintenance which is a big advantage for our clients as it will bring down the total cost of ownership (TCO). In this category, most of the machines generally process 7,500 packs per hour unlike ours that has a capacity of processing 7,800 packs per hour.”

Uflex’s latest state-of-the-art aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing plant located in the Industrial hub of Sanand in Gujarat, India, has an annual production capacity of seven billion packs, while the ultra-modern aseptic filling machines are manufactured at company’s engineering plant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Visit Asepto in Hall No. 8.1E; Stall No. F-080 from 20-23 March 2018 at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany.