NiceLabel wins award

NiceLabel has been awarded the Top Exporting Company award by the leading Slovenian business daily Finance for its success in global markets, continuous growth and future plans.

In order to support exporting companies and promote sharing best practices and innovative ideas, the finance daily performed a detailed financial analysis of national exporters’ business results along with a qualitative analysis based on an extensive survey about these companies’ growth, market potential, export strategies, new customers acquisition, future business plans etc.

The jury has identified 23 successful companies, shortlisted five finalists and finally decided to award NiceLabel for its strong export orientation, successful business results and ambitious future plans.

NiceLabel Group managing director Matej Kosmrlj said: "This award comes as a result of over twenty years of commitment to excellence and good work of the global NiceLabel team. Our continuous international growth is also validation of the exceptional value of our next generation software platform and labeling solutions we deliver to our partners and customers, not only in Europe but globally."

"We are honored by the award, yet we will remain focused on our mission to grow and protect the business by creating substantial value for our customers and distribution partners through improved print productivity for customers of all sizes, including the largest and most diverse of global enterprises."