BERHALTER has been exclusively presenting embossing lids on the sealing rim area at the recent Drupa event.

BERHALTER makes the difference

The name BERHALTER is synonymous with the production of innovative and customised die-cutting systems. With 55 years of experience, ongoing further development and the constant adjustment turned us into a dynamic company.

Sustainability is everything, which remains firmly etched in the mind and triggers the desire for more. By inspiration, passion and fascination, top-quality products are produced at BERHALTER. A future-oriented system was presented at the Drupa in Dusseldorf for which the BERHALTER AG occupies a pioneering role.

The first of these, the SMARTembosser™ is the logical evolution for pre-cut lids. As the name says, the SMARTembosser™ is a smart way to produce embossed lids. This by BERHALTER patented system is unique and offers fantastic opportunities for rim-embossing, logo-embossing and de- embossing of pre-cut lids. The SMARTembosser ™ makes every lid special and gives additional technical advantages.

With the application rim-embossing (embossing is done only in the sealing rim area) the lid is shining brighter and greatly enhances the clarity of color edges. It allows the printing of considerably smaller, yet readable lettering, which is important for product placement as well as for the food facts required under food regulations. Last but not least the SMARTembosser™ for rim embossed lids can influence the productivity of filling and sealing machines enormous.

High-tech die-cutting on a low budget

Berhalter has also present a worldwide new die-cutting tool concept for in-mold labels (IML) that offers the advantages of favourable tool cost in combination with short lead times.

The Berhalter LABEL-light™ punching tool is a patented concept combining the improvements of the flat-bed die-cutting such as unique print-to-die registration and perfect handling properties. The costs for a LABEL-light™ punching tool is up to 70% lower compared to a traditional punching tool even allowing a label contour correction of +/- 0.5mm.

The mark of flexibility

Die-cutting is a piece in the complete supply chain of a final product. But nor the less it decides significantly about success. What die-cutting solution you choose decides about appearance of the product, sustainability, quality, as well as efficiency.

Over the last few years, BERHALTER has reacted continuously and highly flexible to increasing market demands and has introduced a number of innovations to the market. Alongside its capacity for constant innovation, BERHALTER is synonymous with the production of efficient and customer-oriented die-cutting systems. We specialise in the manufacturing of user-friendly but high productive die-cutting machines.

This applies for flat packaging lids out of aluminum or polyester, such as Nestlé yoghurt lids, as well as for packaging lids with relief impressions, similar to Philadelphia lids for cheese spread. Deep-drawn aluminum lids as those used for pet food like Sheba or Cesar enhances the extensive range of product opportunities. But BERHALTER die-cutting machines can also be used to produce paper labels, e.g. on beer bottles and labels for IML applications, such as those on Starbucks coffee cups.

We have the unique possibility to supply die-cutting machines and tools according to the specific market demand.

BERHALTER – the number one in die-cutting