CPS Case Packing Systems offers solutions for packing MAP trays, TraySkin, FlatSkin, blisters, mushroom trays, bags etc with the CLP pick & place application.

In addition to the current well-known ‘MAP tray’, TraySkin, FlatSkin, banding or other packaging forms are rapidly being introduced to meet the changing demand for packaging sustainability.

CPS has developed a series of pick & place heads for the CLP pick & place application to pack on these packaging forms. With the same CLP pick & place application, different product shapes can be packed within minutes by simply changing the pick & place head and choosing a new programme in the menu.

The MAP tray with its smooth foil on the top was easy to pick up with a vacuum and place it in a crate, cardboard tray or box. For example, a FlatSkin, where the product is placed on a thin cardboard and vacuumed with a thin foil over the whimsical product, is different. Each piece of meat has a different shape and cannot be picked up with the standard solution. In the past year, CPS has devoted itself to developing various pick-up heads for these different packaging forms. The technique not only uses vacuum, but also clamping systems, insert plates or a combination. Products with a clamping lid or thin foil that can become loose, such as mushroom boxes, can also be picked up with this. With this, CPS offers a solution to package different products with the same CLP pick & place application.