innovative packaging

Responding to market and consumer insight with relevant and agile innovation is vital to the continual improvement of core products and services, according to Dr Helene Roberts, group marketing and innovation director at leading packaging manufacturer LINPAC.

The LINPAC commitment to innovation has been recognised at the 2016 UK Packaging Awards. The company has been shortlisted in three categories: Packaging Company of the Year, Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year and Resource Efficient Pack of the Year.

The recognition is partly due to the launch of the LINPAC poultry split pack developed in collaboration with Tesco and Cargill to provide convenience to the consumer through portion control and to address food waste issues.

The company’s response to the core societal issue of food waste is particularly pertinent in today’s market. A recent international survey by Euromonitor found that 64% of respondents try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. However, while most consumers actively try to have a positive impact, they still place financial constraints, logistical issues and convenience over helping the environment.

With its novel Tesco Cargill split pack, LINPAC offers the consumer both strong environmental credentials and outstanding pack performance.

Dr Roberts commented: "As advanced as our expertise in packaging is, we need to stay abreast of wider societal and economic developments.

"Rather than innovation for innovation sake, we need to continually listen to the market to enhance our core offer and maintain a market leading edge. Our focus on true innovation is the driving factor in allowing us to support retailers and brand owners in growing consumer satisfaction and conversion."

The LINPAC Tesco Cargill split pack has a specially designed perforation that allows the consumer to split the tray into two separate sealed compartments. This gives the householder the option to exercise portion control as well as prevent food waste by saving one chicken breast for later.
The introduction of the new design did increase the weight of the pack by 6g.

However, the pack is predicted to deliver a net carbon saving of up to 12,4000t, offsetting the impact of the additional material used. In addition, the MAP tray is manufactured from high levels of supercleaned, post-consumer recycled PET and is fully recyclable at the end of its life, supporting the wider circular economy.

Dr Roberts added: "To have a far reaching effect, LINPAC innovation should address core environmental and sustainability issues whilst minimising resources and adding value. Continual innovation is important, without it we have technically advanced products that solve the problems of today, but don’t address the requirements of tomorrow’s marketplace."

The winners of the UK Packaging Awards 2016 will be announced on 27 October.