Coven Egidio attended Cosmoprof 2012 in a large booth (hall 19, booth D37-E38) with new, exciting products designed in the last year for crimping tests, the cleaning of glass perfume bottles, and much more. We were driven by the incessant demand of our customers who were complaining of the lack of these type of products.

The first device to be designed is SC10, a pneumatic semiautomatic unit for cleaning glass bottles. The vacuum nozzle removes any ‘dry’ impurity contained in the bottle, coming from the packaging residues. The bag located on the column collects the dust. SC10 is small and handy and can be used anywhere as there’s no water involved. In addition, this device can be part of an automatic line, installed before the filling nozzles.

The BC11 bottle cleaner device washes perfume bottles before use. This operation is necessary for the cleaning of the glass bottles, leaving them perfectly emptied from dust or residues of different nature. This machine is very simple to use. Through the use of vacuum, a diaphragm pump is activated; this pumps the cleaning detergent from a container and sprays it into the bottles kept upside down over the nozzles. The jet stops when you release the pressure over the bottles. In order to dry the bottles, you need to repeat the same operation over the two nozzles spraying compressed air. BC11 works with no involvement of electrical parts; this makes it safe to be used in any working environment.

VTC was designed based on our laboratory experience, used in many fields. The vacuum test chamber vacuum testing device is used for checking liquid leaks after crimping. One or more bottles are placed in the glass vacuum test chamber, and with the use of a venturi meter, the correct tightening of crimp pumps or screw caps are tested.

CR12 is a pneumatic counter machine able to remove collars of standard dimensions from a crimped bottle without any damage to the bottle or to the pumps. The actuator needs to be manually removed prior to this operation.

The machine is pneumatic and simple to use, recommended for ‘crimp less’ pumps. The special head on this machine can also be supplied separately and can be fitted on any of the Coven crimping machines.

The absence of electrical parts makes the use of CR12 safe in any environment. The same characteristic of being able to work in any work environment is true for the new semi-automatic screw tightening device AV11, which screws down any glass or plastic bottle with screw tops. The main body is adjustable in height and it is fitted with a Bosh pneumatic screwdriver with torque of 10Nm 380/min able to screw tops. This machine is able to be adjusted in the tightening power and fits to various types of tops, which makes AV11 handy, versatile and simple to use.

Coven Egidio is able to design and develop custom-made solutions for any application – that’s when new products are developed and manufactured.

We’d like to thank our usual clients and new customers who visited our booth this year.