MWV, a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions, now has Robinson EN 1230-2 sensory analysis approval for its Crescendo® paperboard for chocolate and confectionery packaging.

This analysis, required for all confectionery packaging and paperboard, tests the paperboard’s ability to maintain product quality without a trace of taint or odour from the packaging. Crescendo’s approval on the Robinson test confirms its ability to maintain product integrity and value, and provides brand owners with confidence in packaging solutions for their luxury confectionery products.

Crescendo, available with one-sided coating (Crescendo C1S) or two-sided coating (Crescendo C2S), meets the high standards of packaging seen in the European chocolate and confectionery market and is safe for direct food contact. The unique fibre-mix material and finishing process results in high stiffness and durability.

The premium paperboard combines high brightness, fade resistance and clean-white styling with a smooth glossy surface, providing companies with quality runnability, printability, and consistency to showcase brand value and capture customer attention. The exceptional ink holdout, side-to-side uniformity, and clean finish combine for a premium packaging experience that conveys luxury and quality.

For more information on Crescendo and other MWV paperboard products, please contact MWV or visit the company’s website.