Cyklop Teknik’s satellite stretch wrapper GL 2000 is equipped with the top sheet dispenser ITF, as the goods need protection from dust or dampness on top.

The GL 2000 has been developed with the patented Power Ecostretch system (seven steps gearbox, pre-stretch level up to 300%) to meet the toughest demands from the industry. It will present the best package at the lowest film cost. Film savings up to 60% compared to other systems is not unusual.

The GL 2000 has a unique system with a battery-powered film unit which means that the ring does not need slip rings, rendering the system practically maintenance-free. Recharging always takes place when the ring is at a standstill.

The PLR places a solid board / paper sheet / plastic sheet on top of the palletised goods or as a pallet divider which is placed between layers of a product stacked on a pallet and also enables better protection of the products if pallets are stacked on each other.

The XP 111 M is a vertical strapping machine – strapping head, from top. Strapping head, strap chute and strap tensioning equaliser are standard. The strap tension on the load is always optimal.

Interested in more technology from Cyklop Teknik? From 3-16 March we will be at the Drupa Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. Come and let us show you the potential of our stretch wrapper GL 2000.