Arjo Solutions has launched DOCS (DOcument Certification by Signoptic®), an innovative documents security solution based on the intrinsic matter of the document, as a digital fingerprint for human being.

This unique solution makes it possible to identify a document but also to check the authenticity of its variable data.

Documents fraud impacts all countries in the world. Indeed, Interpol data illustrate these issues very clearly: database SLTD (stolen and lost travel documents) contains more than 70 million official identities stolen or lost documents in 175 countries. According to the French Delinquency National observatory, 43% of documents frauds in 2014 were related to identity documents, with one third being delivered on the basis of false documents (birth certificates, residence document, etc). The French organisartion also underlines the impact on other types of documents: 26% instances of frauds were related to vehicles circulation documents and 31% on administrative documents.

In order to increase official documents security, Arjo Solutions launches DOCS, the first documents security solution using matter biometrics information, based on Signoptic® technology. This innovative technology generates for any document a single digital code named ‘signature’. The signature is based on the random structure of the document, the solution is similar to AFIS system (automated fingerprint system Identification) for human beings.

DOCS enables the checking of document authenticity, as well as traceability during all its validity period and after, without any additional features, or design modification. In addition, thanks to a unique link between the document Signoptic® signature and its variable data, DOCS reveals any genuine document falsification attempt. The document ensures its protection itself by using its structure, in an undetectable way.

Adapted to all types of emission and personalisation, the registration of each document can be carried out either by a vision industrial system on a production line, or by a professional office scanner (Epson) in a decentralized environment. Authenticity verification is carried out via this same scanner or by using a simple smartphone application (Android or IOS).

With DOCS, governments, certifying organisations and administrations have a powerful solution allowing detecting, in a foolproof way, blank stolen documents by highlighting all authentic documents falsifications and identifying all reproductions.

Proposed in partnership with EPSON, world leader in innovation and chosen for the quality and robustness of their professional scanners, Arjo Solutions will present DOCS at SDW exhibition in London from 26-28 June 2017.