Both Belgium and Italy recently granted a new patent to AR Metallizing to protect their production technique for multi-layered laminated and metallised paperboard. This invention had already been recognised earlier by the Netherlands Patent Office.

The laminated paperboard of AR Metallizing is an environment friendly and inexpensive alternative to the current glossy packaging materials for consumer goods. It derives its strength from a combination of different thin layers of cardboard or paper with a razor-thin metal top layer.

Thanks to this laminate lay-up, the paperboard is lighter and fewer raw materials are used. The new invention is moreover fully biologically degradable and recyclable, unlike conventional packaging materials, no plastic or foil is processed.

The patent has been granted after a three-year procedure where AR Metallizing’s paperboard and production technique were tested for novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Production has already started. The laminated paperboard is in the meantime used for many different applications such as luxury packaging for champagne, Disney films and Kleenex tissues.

Originated in Belgium, AR Metallizing is a world leader in the production of metallised paper and one of the fastest growing companies in Belgium. The growth is due to the international expansion and takeovers, as a result of which the company now has three production sites, in Genk (Belgium), Casalgrasso (Italy) and Franklin (US).

The second growth engine is the research and product development department. AR Metallizing already held 14 patents, and has now added a new one, with two other applications for patents currently pending.