All4Labels – Global Packaging Group was awarded as External Business Partner of the Year for ‘End2End Synchronization’ by Procter & Gamble.

At its bi-annual External Business Partner Summit underway at the beginning of February 2019, the Procter & Gamble Company recognised its top-performing external business partners for their outstanding contributions to P&G’s global supply network transformation.

All4Labels has been chosen out of more than 50,000 diverse suppliers from around the world as External Business Partner of the Year for ‘End2End Synchronization’.

This award is the highest recognition from P&G, which was handed over by David Taylor, P&G’s chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, who asked P&G’s partners to continue to bring their best ideas and innovations to P&G.

All4Labels has been honoured for their drive to transform the field of printed packaging. This in particular includes investments in Near-Site-Warehouses which have led to a substantially closer interlocking, shorter delivery times, as well as significant increases in supply chain agility.

Their outstanding performance in the market environment is the combination of supply chain concepts with technical innovation, especially leading in digital printing capabilities. Accordingly, All4Labels produces labels for two of the world’s largest hair care brands using digital printing.

Adrian Tippenhauer, CEO All4Labels Group, said: “It honours our mutual outstanding achievements as well as long-standing and continuous dedication to optimise our synchronisation with and for P&G.”