Eutro Log and Laem Sytem will be presenting their highly-technological strategy alongside their slitting rewinding machinery, automation, material handling and logistics at the ICE EUROPE exhibition in Műnich from 10-12 March at hall A5, stand 974.

The companies believe the strategy will help companies leap into Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution.

In 2014 the companies not only announced their fusion but launched their intelligent i-solution project, an avant-garde highly-technological strategy, which aims to promote the integration and future of the intelligent factory: a factory that allows the buyer to shed previous ties to multiple suppliers, to lose old-fashioned one stop solutions by changing one piece of machinery at a time and welcomes a new way of thinking that will accompany companies into the future of manufacturing.

According to Eutro Log and Laem System, the future of manufacturing is the virtual coalition of the various sectors and components forming the entire manufacturing department, as well as the complete integration of the existing ERP systems, with software designed to manage the orders upstream with the initial input order entry data, that will accompany the same order through to the final actions of packing, palletising and storage of the end-product.

The future is the same company offering a complete solution to present-day challenges, bottle necks and show stoppers: a solution that will increase productivity, provide complete traceability of products in all stages of production and afterwards, integrate self-learning interconnected software in the machinery and handling phases, and reduce the costs of labour while improving the quality of the finished product due to reduced material handling, as well as drastically improving safety throughout the plant.