At K2013, we showed a 240ml (to the neck) bottle being tested at 11,600 per hour on one head and found a 0.18mm (7,000in) hole. Then I thought that was the maximum you could test any bottle, on one head, was around 12,500 bottles per hour. I was wrong.

Around a year ago, we tested a ideal small bottle at 17,475 bottles per hour on one head (290 per minute) and found a 0.18mm hole.

We tested the same bottle at K2016 at > 13,400 bottles per hour. A 15% increase on what was incredibly fast machine.

The benefits of this speed include:

  • Simpler operation on one head
  • Extends the limit where you need a multi-head
  • Relatively inexpensive. I have been to factories where moulders have paid up to three times the cost of this unit do the same job, why throw money away?
  • Reliable
  • In an inline multi-head format, we can save the cost of having to go to a travelling head or a small rotary

The standard 6LD tests small bottles like the small ideal one at rates up to 14,500 per hour. This machine has some additional hardware and software, but is not a great leap in cost. Spend it only if you need it.

The 6LD on some jobs can be less than 40% of the price from leading US and European suppliers. Why throw away money? Save your capital.

The complete range

We not only supply the 6LD, but a complete range, at great value:

  • 2LD up to 3,600 small bottles an hour
  • 4LD up to 4,500 small bottles per hour, shown with an Ethernet connection for Industry 4.0 6LD single head
  • 6LD multi head for medium range bottles up to 18,000 hour
  • Travelling head – multi sections for up to 36,000 per hour
  • Travelling head single section multiple head to beyond >45,000
  • Rotaries are coming and imagine the speed with the 6&7LD head technologies
  • 30LD for up to 30l or in manual version and automatic version up to 100l
  • Drum weighing, CNC bung insertion, CNC dust cap placing
  • 250LD WORP with weighing, orientation, punching of the rim
  • Take-outs for single stage PET machines, with integrated leak testers
  • Palletising
  • Automation

K2016 took place in Chicago, US, on 6-9 November 2016.