FlexFilms is scaling newer heights with VYOM, a revolutionary futuristic technology Concept BOPET Film, and has been presenting it for the very first time for visitors and customers at Pack Expo.

The event ran in Chicago from 14-17 October. FlexFilms Booth at Pack Expo has also been showcasing a product portfolio of its latest innovations in BOPET Films – which range from high barrier films; more efficient films; and ones that are more sustainable too – all manufactured with its own proprietary technology. At the mecca of packaging industry Pack Expo, here is what industry professionals from around the world can witness at FlexFilms Booth #N-5767:

1. VYOM The Centre stage at FlexFilms Booth at Pack Expo has been taken by a cutting edge Concept BOPET Film that uses an advanced proprietary technology method and is aptly named ‘VYOM’ (a Sanskrit term that means ‘endless’, ‘limitless’, ’expanse’) defining the endless solutions that this high-tech film offers to its customers. Envisioned as the next big revolution in BOPET films, the unique value proposition that the Concept BOPET Film offers against the existing BOPET films available in the market are:

  • Creating right density films, lighter by 40% with a density of <1 making it the lightest film
  • Creating barrier films, better by 100%, doubling the barrier
  • Creating strong films, stronger by 100%, making it double the strength
  • Creating green sustainable films, greener by 40% by using lesser plastic

2. Puncture Resistant, Nylon Replacement BOPET Film – FLEXPETTM F HPF is biaxially oriented nylon replacement (BON) film made with a newly developed patented proprietary technology offering important features of thermoforming performance, high puncture resistance and flexural fatigue strength that could formerly only be filled with bi-axially oriented nylon (BON) film.

F-HPF is far more superior to nylon (BON) with fewer pin holes in terms of thermoform-ability whereas its puncture and flex crack resistance is at par with BON. Value propositions like better water resistance availability and compatibility with wide range of inks and adhesives makes it cost-effective with greater yield per unit area, as compared to BON.

3. Aluminum Foil Replacement Metallized High-Barrier BOPET Film.  FLEXMETPROTECTTM F-HBP-M is metallized bi-axially oriented polyester (BOPET) film with a superior gas barrier that offers high moisture and oxygen barrier for virtually all applications including Aluminum foil replacement.

High barrier comes from patented BOPET film technology, with high optical density specifically suitable for most flex pack product offerings. This film is 100% web inspected, for any metal defect, using our state-of-the- art vision system. The film is of great use in shipping moisture sensitive items in multi-layered pouch.

4. F-HMB High Bond and Barrier Metallized Polyester Film – FLEXMETPROTECTTM F-HMB film is a High Barrier Metallized Polyester Film engineered by the company’s R&D team. The film is either untreated or corona treated on the other surface, while metallization is carried out on the specially treated composite surface imparting metal adhesion or bond strength of >1,200g-force/in. F-HMB offers class-leading high-adhesion to metal under most aggressive environmental conditions; demonstrates improved scuff, scratch and craze resistance, improving yields up to 4% and offering unparalleled robustness in processing and performance for converters.

5. Metallized High Barrier Balloon Film – FLEXMETPROTECTTM F-PAB-M is an advanced proprietary film structure developed by Flex Films Inc. USA and designed specifically to meet the needs of thin gauge, ultra-thin gauge high barrier specialty film markets. This includes the balloon film market and wherever low OTR and MVTR is needed, enabling balloon converters and end users to create dazzling, printable, metallized polyester inflatables that do not stress or snap and conserve seal property during the manufacturing process. F-PAB-M has an added ‘Green’ benefit due to the use of less material, giving high yield economics with an optical density of 2.8. The exceptional air barrier properties of the film prevent helium diffusing out of FLEX-PAB surface.

Excited at the show of trailblazing technology and product at Pack Expo, Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice-chairman and CEO, FlexFilms International said: “Creating better is an endless quest at Flex. We prove that yet again with the introduction of VYOM, our innovative Concept BOPET Film. VYOM promises to be better in every key virtue that a film is built around – Light, Barrier, Strength and Green – with superior mechanical properties, thereby allowing us to deliver much higher yield, improved costs and reduced carbon footprint.

“All of this is in sync with the company’s efforts to continuously develop refined products and make our customers’ lives easier. Through our presentation at Pack Expo, we are going experiential in interacting with our customers in the real market and stimulate their imagination.”

Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director of Uflex Limited, the parent company of FlexFilms spoke from the floor of Pack Expo: “The wonders of Flexfilms have a beginning but with boundless scope. The infinite talent pool of our scientists and engineers constantly design and explore solutions for our customers and eco-system,  helping us build ‘thought leadership’ in advanced polymer science application.

“We’re proud of our employees, products, customers and enablers for their contribution in creation of sustainable innovations for essential markets such as food, water, shelter and medicine.”