At a time when the FMCG counterfeit and smuggled products’ market in India stands at a staggering Rs.68,000 crore (joint study by KPMG and FICCI, 2015), it is only prudent to take pre-emptive measures to steer the fake and spurious away.

As India’s largest global flexible packaging solution company, Uflex vehemently believes in pro-active value engineering embedded in innovation to create differentiation that enhances the brand equity of its clientele.

One such offering of late has been the bespoke ‘Seal of Authenticity’ to Nescafe Classic, the much celebrated coffee brand of India’s biggest food company Nestle India.

The ‘Seal of Authenticity’ is an especially engineered tamper-proof brand protection/ anti-counterfeiting solution that does not disturb the retail price coordinates. The seal among several other features comprises an innovative 3D reflective lens image using transfer technology.

The development of this brand protection feature for Nescafe saw a perfect interplay of synergies between an external agency that created the lens; the holography business vertical at Uflex that prepared the master to be further able to replicate more of such lenses; and last but not the least the converting/ packaging business vertical at Uflex that successfully transposed this technology on to the laminate using the transfer technology.