FlexLink recently held a customer day at its Gothenburg, Sweden, location, with the main focus on hygiene and product safety, which is a big issue in the food industry, receiving increased attention day-by-day.

The reasons are primarily consumer safety, brand protection and production efficiency.

The event, which hosted guests from the Swedish food industry, started with a presentation about how to manage bacterial growth by Birgitta Bergström, a microbiologist for process hygiene from SIK, the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. In her presentation, she demonstrated the state-of-the-art methods for cleaning and preventing the contamination of bacteria and pathogens.

Birgitta Bergström presented the results of tests made at SIK on the cleaning of the new wide modular belt conveyor from FlexLink, WLX, which proved excellent, both with regards to the cleaning results and short cleaning time.

The design of equipment for cleanliness in production processes is a driver for both consumer safety and production efficiency. It is an area where FlexLink’s most recent developments offers drastic and profitable change to industry.

In addition, FlexLink’s latest development in high capacity balancing and grouping of products of different types of packaging was demonstrated. The new DMT™ continuous-motion technology create seamless production flows and release capacity of machines. It is ideal for high-speed balancing solutions even for sensitive and flexible packaging, at 1,000 products per minute, or more.

FlexLink sales manager Fredrik Boberg said: "The feedback from customers on what we showed has been very strong and is good evidence that FlexLink is providing genuine value to industry."