FlexLink will be exhibiting its products and services, from easy and accurate design of packaging lines to solutions for high total efficiency, at Pack Expo.

Together with ADMV, Hapa and Laetus, FlexLink will demonstrate the combined offer of the Coesia Industrial Process Solutions division. Inspection, print-on-demand and smart handling functions are connected in an intelligent flow and visitors will be able to order personalised items.

Products are controlled before and after on-demand printing, safeguarding the quality of the correct print.

In addition, the flow of products is balanced in different ways and the robot cell places products in patterns. The line performance is continuously monitored by an application of FlexLink’s efficiency suite, Youtilize®.

High efficiency and delicate handling

The latest generation of diverters and mergers applying the dynamic motion transfer, DMT™, technology, will be on display and connected to an upstream cartoning machine from RA Jones. The DMT™ diverter is capable of seamlessly balancing and distributing products at rates of more than 1,000 per minute.

The handling is gentle and smooth, as it is managed without gripping or queuing of the products. A large variety of products can be handled, from boxes to soft packages, including pouches.

Improved cleanliness, less cleaning time

The new wide belt conveyor (WLX) is clean, safe, and silent with good ergonomic features for line operators. Dirt collectors such as pockets and crevices have been eliminated and the design is made safe for line operators thanks to minimal openings and the absence of sharp points and edges. Noise levels are comfortably low, benefitting the factory environment.

The integrated chain lifting function and the clever interior design drastically simplifies the cleaning process, reduces the time to clean and provides better results.

Once installed, downtime is minimal and the power, water and detergent consumption is very low. All of this contributes to a low total cost of ownership.

FlexLink innovation manager Tommy Karlsson said: "In 2015, we will launch the next step of this development enabling even higher levels of hygiene and food safety applicable for direct food contact in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines."

Reduced engineering time

The FlexLink Design Tool makes design work fast and efficient. Thanks to the smart design method and built in intelligence, three-dimensional layouts with real life appearance are quickly produced. With its embedded simulation capability, the verification of the line capacity and function is accurate and can be made at an early stage.

Total cost of ownership (TCO), innovation and sustainability are the keys for FlexLink´s mission to increase manufacturers’ production efficiency.

Karlsson added: "All our development activities are geared for making our customers’ production processes as efficient and sustainable, thus profitable, as can be from the design phase and throughout service life."