Leading German packaging company Folienprint trusts in Toyobo’s environmentally friendly ‘cosmolight’ water plates.

Based in Gallin, Germany, Folienprint takes environmental protection matters into its own hands. Its long-term strategic partnership with Toyobo has resulted in the development of an environmentally friendly water plate system.

Folienprint managing director Doris Erhardt-Freitag explained: “In order to replace solvent plates for highly demanding designs and above all in HD flexo, all those that have been considered in repro but also in the printing plate environment need to be involved. Various water plates have been tested and further developed with Toyobo over the years.”

The development has been successful, making it possible to reduce solvent plate use by more than 70%. Folienprint now has one of the most modern and credible systems of water plate production.

A few litres of water

Compared to other water plates on the market, Folienprint’s new system only needs a few litres of water for the ‘cosmolight’ plates’ production. A special designed water-washer provides a closed filtration system, making it possible to have used water repeatedly circulating and filtered.

Erhardt-Freitag said: “An absolutely credible water plate system which, thanks to the commitment of our team and our partners, shows our customers that environmental protection is also possible within the packaging manufacturing process.”

The disposal of filtered slabs takes place via waste incineration, meaning the transportation of wastewater is not necessary. With other systems or solvent plate systems this would be inevitable.

Development with Toyobo

In the meantime, Folienprint uses two different types of Toyobo ‘cosmolight’ plates specially developed for solvent flexo.

The developments will continue further, with the company aiming to only use the ‘waterwashable’ printing plates in the long-term future.

Erhardt-Freitag added: “No other supplier or other systems were able to convince us to produce in a resource-saving and sustainable way. We are proud that Toyobo continues further developments of the plate system.”

Less atmospheric stress at the workplace

The employees in the department benefit from this game-changer. In fact, the main reason for the push of this development lies within the company’s own health management system.

With Folienprint’s introduction of the system, atmospheric health impact has been reduced to zero while there is also a slight citrus smell in the printing plate manufacturing department.

However, among all advantages, the short manufacturing time and easy handling in all production steps are the key drivers. Even short-term changes in case of a printing approval is no issue.

The carbon footprint

Of course, a climate neutral production is possible.

Erhardt-Freitag said: “But this is rather secondary. We want to consciously talk about resources and processes which we can show with our production balance sheet. Sustainability means for us considering every process in its entirety and discussing it critically with our customers.”

At this year’s Fachpack in Nuernberg, Folienprint will not only present on topics such as German’s packaging law (VerpackG), recycling-friendly packaging and innovative digital printing, but also flexo printing with water plates.