From June to September, Henkel is bringing the flushing classic Pril back to retail as a limited-edition design with the unmistakable Pril Blume. The eye-catching labels are produced by Folienprint RAKO GmbH, a company of the All4Labels Group.

Deployed is the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, which was developed specifically for flexible label and packaging printing. HP SmartStream Mosaic customisation software and PrintOS Composer were also used.

The latter is a cloud-based job creation service that simplifies the processing of PDF documents variable data, making each bottle a unique piece with an individual number.

New possibilities in digital printing for labels, sleeves and flexible packaging

The Pril flowers have been popular for decades. In the current design edition, consumers can choose between the variants ‘yellow’ and ‘pink’, each with different scents. The sizing and arrangement of the flowers are also different.

Folienprint RAKO managing director Doris Erhardt-Freitag said: “We are in top form now. The more often we do these types of promotions, the better they become. Our customers are enthusiastic and I will already have a five-year supply of Pril.

“The good thing is that we are still at the beginning. With HP Indigo digital printing technology, so much is possible that is unthinkable in conventional printing processes. You can look forward to our next actions.

“Due to the synergies and strong networking within the All4Labels Group with various customers worldwide, we reach a large number of interested parties that we can win for our products. Above all, our digital printing development in the pressure-sensitive label area is so dynamic and unique that we see it as a model for our portfolio.

“The All4Labels Group is characterised by innovative and dynamic advancement, working in close cooperation with HP Indigo. We are delighted that this long-term partnership has now been proven through unique projects.”

Fast printing on a variety of materials

With a web width of up to 760mm and a print speed of up to 42m/min, the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press enables high-volume, large-format label printing and the production of flexible packaging on a wide range of materials.

HP SmartStream Mosaic is an algorithm that automatically generates a large number of unique graphical patterns from a source pattern.

Folienprint used the HP PrintOS Composer, a cloud-based application based on high-performance centralised servers, to quickly create print files from variable data for over 1 million print-ready PDFs.

Doris Erhardt-Freitag said: “With digital printing from HP, we benefit from greater flexibility and speed in our day-to-day business, which makes us very efficient. Another highlight is the additional possibilities of HP Mosaic and, in the future, Collage, with which we inspire our customers and which represent a real added value.”