New major features allow companies to create accurate proofs for optically brightened (OBA) references, including a new OBA paper available from GMG.

Tuebingen (October 28, 2014) GMG announces the availability of GMG ColorProof 5.6, the latest release of the company’s popular, award-winning proofing software.

"With the popular adoption of optically brightened papers, a problem arose.The papers improved image appearance and tended to be cost-effective to purchase.However, they were out of conformance with proofing standards. Users will find that GMG has conducted a lot of research and testing into helping customers who print with optically brightened media to achieve color consistency," explains Birgit Plautz, GMG Director Business Unit, Graphic Arts.

"We have also added features to connect and work even better with prepress-workflows, and operate more efficiently with RIPs and printers.

"For example, print facilities with existing systems in place will find that they can use a new hotfolder interface system (API) to easily plug GMG ColorProof 5.6 into their workflows."

GMG ColorProof 5.6: Dedicated to supporting new technologies and standards; particularly optically brightening agents

Most significant for proofing accuracy is the new GMG solution for optically brightened media. Until recently, measuring devices and the light in viewing booths had not been subject to any standards regarding how they measured or illuminated print media that contains optical brightening agents (OBAs) to increase the whiteness.

With the recent revisions of those ISO norms and eventually the updated ISO 12647-2:2013 several changes have been made to address the color matching problems caused by OBA enhanced media.

Welcoming and reflecting these changes, GMG ColorProof 5.6 provides new proof standards, full support of the new M0/M1/M2 measuring conditions, and the new enhanced proof paper "GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA" to achieve highest quality and a good proof-to-print match.

Dedicated to working more efficiently with workflows

GMG ColorProof 5.6 has new features to make it work more efficiently with workflows and in multiple-site operations. For example, GMG has created new smart hotfolders and job ticket hotfolders with an XML interface that allows operators to use one hotfolder for multiple printing standards and provide an easy connection to external workflow systems.

In addition, GMG has made it easier to operate centralized color management that oversees multiple locations or remote sites. These companies must organize and distribute their color profiles to many facilities. Usually, there is one main site, where a production or color manager creates all color critical assets and is responsible for their usage on all locations.

To reduce the manual effort, GMG designed a file distribution system that can connect to multiple installations and download new or altered color management files automatically, or on-demand from a source location to one or more target locations.

A more efficient way of running a proofing system

With parallel ripping and reassigning jobs to different printers, ColorProof 5.6 is even more efficient.
To accelerate the ripping process, PDF files can be ripped in parallel. While the GMG ColorProof 5.6 license includes one RIP, users can purchase additional RIP instances according to their hardware configuration: depending on the amount of cores, printers, etc.

This reduces the delay between ripping and printing jobs, resulting in faster speeds and greater production.

ColorProof 5.6 can also re-assign jobs to different printers for continuous productivity. The new option has been integrated to automatically move pending jobs from one printer to another compatible printer in case the current printer cannot print (for example, because it has run out of ink or paper). This eliminates a backlog of files that are waiting for the printer to be attended to.

Individual working space for higher user-friendliness

With an individual working space, the customer decides which resources are displayed in the software. Instead of working through extensive lists of color management items, a clearly arranged view now helps to immediately spot what one is looking for.
"ColorProof has always been noted for its exceptional color accuracy," concludes Plautz.

"ColorProof 5.6 makes the process even easier."

ColorProof 5.6 is available immediately through the company’s extensive global network of resellers.