Kuraray is presenting a full range of high-performance plastic raw materials at Fakuma 2018 from 16-20 October 2018.

At Booth B1-1221 in Hall B1, colleagues from both EVAL Europe NV and Kuraray Europe GmbH will be presenting:

  • EVAL™ EVOH resin use with co-injection technologies for thin wall, blow-moulded and stretch blow moulded packaging and closures for food preservation
  • GENESTAR™ PA9T heat, water and chemical-resistant C9 monomer with good mechanical properties
  • KURARITY™ series of acrylic-based block copolymers for optical waveguide applications and polymer modification
  • HYBRAR™ thermoplastic elastomer with outstanding damping properties
  • MOWIFLEX water-soluble polymer that can be injection-moulded for special applications, from high-damping to totally clear

The EVOH copolymer EVAL™ adds barrier properties to both coextruded and coinjected structures. Typical applications include oxygen and migration barrier for food packaging and aroma preservation for coffee and tea. Extended freshness and shelf life are achieved, even under severe sterilisation conditions when necessary.

At Fakuma, Kuraray explains how EVAL™ EVOH can add high barrier properties to complex coinjected structures. Typical applications include medical vials and bottles, cheese trays, replacing the metal can for fruit, and coffee capsules.

Kuraray’s EVAL™ EVOH copolymer protects foods against oxygen and migration in packaging layers in packages just a few micrometers thick, now also available for coinjected multilayer containers.

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