To support the trend for exclusive packing solutions in the Water and NAB segment, a new Gourmet Water bottle, the Viola bottle family in 500ml and 750ml, has been developed.

These design protected, refillable bottles are available with a regular MCA as well as Swingtop finish. The swingtops have been developed exclusively for this product family and are available in red, blue and standard white, so support the distinction of content.

Matching 6 x 750 or 10 x 500 ml carrying crates are being offered.

Systempack Manufaktur also has launched a new Oneway beer bottle family to match the trend to fill into cans, named ‘Dose’ (German for can). Bottles are now available.

These bottles offer a very large label area and a unique, can shaped shape. They are closed with a standard crowncork 26 mm and come in 330ml and 500ml.

Already some beer and Kombucha manufacturers have introduced the 330ml version.

The 330ml Giesinger Euro has established itself as a new standard in the 330ml Beer bottle segment, available in amber and flint with CC and MCA finish. A 24 x 330 ml crate and 11 x 330 ml speciality crate rounds of the offering.

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