FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the most important packaging-focused trade fairs in Europe. As Koehler began the production of flexible packaging paper in 2019, the company entered the spotlight at this year’s fair.

  • Koehler was present at FachPack in Nuremberg this year
  • The company presented a wide range of packaging paper
  • Vision: development of sustainable, innovative paper through expertise and cooperation

A wide variety of packaging paper for everyday products

Koehler presented a variety of exciting products from its portfolio of one side coated and uncoated paper that can be turned into stand-up pouches for cereal products or bags for soup or pudding powder, for example.

In addition, Koehler also displayed its wide range of recycled board and fine paper for the high-quality packaging sector, which are ideally suited to exclusive products in the cosmetics, perfume and mobile phone sectors.

Goal: replacing plastic

Koehler also demonstrated the development status of its highly sustainable barrier paper for the first time. In order to support research and development in this field, Koehler set up the Green Coating Collaboration together with TU Darmstadt.

This paper is finished with a combination of functional coatings that demonstrate barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, odour and grease. The goal is to replace plastic in packaging with this paper, wherever that is possible and makes sense. The major advantage is that it can be recycled in the paper recycling cycle, since this cycle has been long established. In Europe, the recycling quota for paper is above 70%.