After years of shared successes with Eutro Log and Laem System working together, the two companies have merged, from a legal and economic point of view.

Laem System is now part of Eutro Log S.p.A. along with other companies working in the field of robotics. Together they are a strong, compact group of experts.

This merger creates a vision of a more global market with a stronger technological approach, focused on customer needs, for integrated and comprehensive solutions, according to Laem System.

For years a market leader for the design and manufacturing of slitter rewinders and converting machines, Laem System, has shared numerous successes with Eutro Log. The two companies offer consulting about the converting process in order to study and propose solutions for optimal profit and maximum efficiency.

Following an open house in July 2013, when Laem System presented its integrated i-Solution system, the two companies created what is known as the "Factory of the Future" where the integrated automatic turret slitter rewinders and next generation robots handle all the slitting and packaging processes. After being slit by the high-speed TR4 or RB4 turret slitter rewinders (maximum speed 800m/min or 600m/min), the rolls are automatically transported, without the operator touching the web material, which often comes in contact with food and requires the utmost hygiene, for web diameter and width quality control.

According to the client’s production parameters, the rolls are labelled internally within the core and on the external surface, then automatically packed in polyethylene and finally palletised before being sent to the warehouse, which is also performed automatically.

The merger of the two companies has maintained the same staff in order to guarantee continuity and success: a young, dynamic and proactive team with ambitious projects and cutting-edge vision for industrial and economic success and quality.