The latest versions of GMG ColorProof, GMG ProofControl and GMG ColorServer software all support the new FOGRA51 / FOGRA52 datasets with related GMG profiles.

Tuebingen (September 30, 2015) As a leading developer and supplier of high-end colour management software, GMG works closely with global and local standards organisations in order to support the ongoing improvement of the working practices in our industries through standardized tools and rules. Today GMG announces that the latest versions of its GMG ColorProof, GMG ProofControl and GMG ColorServer software all support the new FOGRA51 / FOGRA52 datasets with related GMG profiles.

ISO 12647-2 describes the standard criteria for offset printing. One part of the revised version from 2013 reflects the popularity of production papers with high OBA (optical brightening agents). In consequence of this change and the correlated earlier changes in colour viewing and colour measurement, ECI, BVDM and Fogra have worked out new characterization datasets and ICC profiles to consider all those ISO-changes and improve the tools for the printing industry. The first datasets released today are for woodfree-coated (FOGRA51) and woodfree-uncoated (FOGRA52) substrates.

The development of these new characterisation data sets took place with the technical guidance from GMG and Heidelberg. GMG’s specialist knowledge and tools for spectral color handling were supporting the analysis of test prints and the final creation of the characterisation datasets.

The new versions of GMG ColorProof and GMG ProofControl support PSO Coated v3 (based on FOGRA51) and PSO Uncoated v3 (based on FOGRA52) with profiles, offering users the ability to create proofs that match the actual conditions in the pressroom. GMG ColorProof 5.7 (incl. GMG ProofControl Inline 3.0) and GMG ProofControl 2.2 support PSO Coated v3 with profiles on GMG

ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA and GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250; PSO Uncoated v3 is supported on GMG ProofPaper matte 140 and GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA.

GMG recommends to use their OBA-containing proofing substrates to proof these new conditions as this is the best way to picture the fluorescent effect of relevant production papers.

"For many years GMG has been an active stakeholder in the development of new standards in the prepress and printing industries. As a member of ECI, Fogra’s advisory board, ICC, TC130 and many other national bodies around the world, GMG is proud to be part of the research group and to have actively participated in the creation of FOGRA51 / 52," says Juergen Seitz, Senior Technical Advisor at GMG.

GMG ColorProof 5.7 and GMG ProofControl 2.2 are available now through the company’s extensive global network of resellers. GMG ColorServer 4.10, which also supports FOGRA51 / 52, will be available shortly.