In December 2017, CPS will launch its new GCL case packer. The new packing machine is built in a hygienic design frame and is flexible in packing many different products horizontal as well as vertical in carton trays, crates, and American style cases.

The bags insert horizontal into the casepacker and accumulated and oriented first at the infeed conveyor. Next, the row of products will be guided onto two plates, which will be slide sideways very quickly.

By gravity, the products formation will be placed into the waiting product carrier underneath. Menu controlled allows customers to pack different products in different packing patterns, which makes the case packer very flexible.

Instead of the accumulated and orientation conveyor the GLC can be executed with a product index device which places the bags vertical at the sliding plates. By this option the case packer pack for instance block bottom bags of doy style bags vertical in carton trays or American style cases.

Various options are available for the GCL case packer line; these can be selected in order to adapt the line to product requirements and customer preferences.

CPS new GCL casepacker will be launched at the Fruit Logistica show in Berlin next February. CPS is exhibiting the packing machine at booth 3.1 A08.