Over the past three years, businesses have had to endure immense pressures due to guidance reducing physical contact. However, to some experts, Covid accelerated changes that almost certainly would have happened. Industries such as manufacturing and e-Commerce are becoming ever-dependent on automated intralogistics material handling solutions. Businesses are recognising that to maintain and improve efficiencies they need to invest in automated systems.

Nevertheless, to implement automation effectively you must ensure you have the correct equipment. Here at Loadhog, we have understood that this market is growing, with the Intralogistics market having a CAGR of 13.1% by 2030. This is why our design team introduced Autotote last year. Suitable for all conveyors and transfer units, the Autotote is the only completely smooth, single-shot automation base, inside and out, offering the best sound performance and base stiffness, even when manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

The Autotote improves logistics performance whilst helping ensure you’re working towards a circular economy. The ability to facilitate greater automation within an organisation is essential to improving sustainability reporting. With Autotote, innovation is evident. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Double Skin Base – The Single Shot, double skin base offers ultimate strength and low deflection.
  • Offset Drainage Holes – Product designed in accordance with FM Global datasheet 8 – 34.
  • High Impact Hollow Corners – Providing strong impact properties, the hollow corners aid smooth conveying around corners.
  • Manufacturing in 100% Recycled Material – Offering durability and lightweight.
  • Chamfered Cantilever Base Edge – The edge provides a smoother and quieter transition between linking conveyors, during directional change and over rollers as the base edge is allowed to flex.
  • Low Noise – reduction in noise when conveyed across a variety of conveyor and transfer types due to the unique base construction.

In a recent poll by Black & Veatch, only around a quarter of organisations have achieved more than 70% of their sustainability goals. Loadhog’s aim is to ensure you are meeting your sustainable goals.