Cerm is a global provider of business management software for narrow web printers. With its market niche specific solutions, Cerm addresses the key issues narrow web printers face nowadays.

And with its solutions, Cerm inspires collaboration between departments within the printing company, collaboration with end-customers (through the online storefront) and with industry suppliers (through technical partnerships). Being active on three continents with local support (EMEA, US and AP), Cerm has established an impressive installed base with many of the best label printers.

Also small label printers benefit tremendously from the gain in efficiency

Blue Label Digital based in Columbus Ohio, US, is such a small label printer. Shortly after the installation of the first digital press they installed a popular off-the-shelve MIS for label printers to solve the administrative bottleneck that came with the increase in sales orders and the decrease of run lengths. But within the first year they discovered that, although a lot was keyed in in the MIS, almost no information came out. At least no info to manage a company.

Andrew M Boyd, vice-president of Blue Label Digital, said: "The documentation of the software was outdated and very rarely helpful or beneficial to our needs. The interface on the shop floor was way too manual and confusing to use and organise. We tried to ask for our ‘customised’ reports, but it was costly and most of all difficult to get any real help from the customer support staff. And even after the customisation was made, it was rigid and not easily adaptable or modified afterwards. So, due to a number of disappointments we never fully utilised our the system for job costing or linking it with Esko Automation Engine".

So they checked for alternatives and investigated whether Cerm could bring the solution they needed.

Andrew said: "We had a look at Cerm and were immediately impressed but hesitating, because it is a big step to take a high-level MIS like Cerm on board. We had a few live demonstrations, which showed that this software is really suited for smaller companies like us. Although very robust, the use of the modules has been stripped to the essentials to address the smaller companies. We were able to try some modules for a couple of days and the workflow was immediately recognisable."

Valuable asset for management

Phil Herington, solutions expert, said: "Besides the fact that the Cerm system works great and the workflow suites us 100%, from our experience. the user interface is the most stark improvement over our previous system. The ability to manipulate windows and layouts with ease and personalisation makes working with Cerm more efficient and effective. The ability to easily export any and all information in the desired layout from Cerm to Excel has proven for management to be a valuable asset in compiling key figures to growth and financials. "

Andrew said: "Cerm’s system, has been tremendous in capturing costs and allowing us to organise and mine the data to get the information we need to further improve our process both in administration and production. The built-in help provides many answers to questions. And if those tools cannot answer my questions, I have had excellent help from Cerm’s helpdesk, who are always quick to respond with an email or phone call in a timely manner, even from across the globe. Cerm’s access to assistance is unmatched and key in our successful install."

Why not have a look if Cerm can help you inspiring collaboration?