Originally Monomatic is known for its clout in unwinding and rewinding for paper and board, in particular for the graphic industry (Rotogravure, Offset, Flexo, Digital printing). However, the company has been supplying equipment for ‘technical webs’ for some other applications.

How Monomatic was able to expand its expertise to other markets?

Since 1951, when Monomatic was founded, the company became a major actor in the graphic industry, providing exclusive nonstop solutions for paper and board. Even today, Monomatic maintains a very close partnership with the famous names of the printing industry and the company is referenced with the largest international groups in the Packaging field.

During the last 15 years, the company more intensively received new demands for special products called ‘technical webs’, touching different other industries, for example composite materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar for the aeronautics, for the wind energy, or laminated products and complexes for the medical industry, the automotive sector.

Each application being specific, each substrate having its own properties, Monomatic started developing customised solutions, specific technics to cover this new challenge.

How new products became new challenge to solve?

Heavy products, complexes cannot be handled as paper or board. Monomatic first concentrated its development on new ways to cut and splice the product, not only using serrated knives, not only using adhesive tapes. The company provided innovative and reliable solutions to achieve automatic reel changes, as well for a speed of 10m/min as for 1,000m/min.

The web tension regulation is also a very important element in a process in order to guarantee a perfect stability of the web during converting operations, hence reaching optimal quality of the final product manufactured. Based on known technologies with dancer roller or load cells, Monomatic clearly amplified its expertise by exploring new methods of regulation to reach the finest result.

Why customers would expect to find with Monomatic the right answer to their request?

Roughly 90%-95% of Monomatic machines are exported worldwide, what gives a solid reputation on the different continents. Through the years and thanks to an involvement in various industries, the company developed multiple specific solutions to cover all the demands for unwinding and rewinding.

The range of technology proposed is really large, varied and proven (full speed or zero-speed unwinder, surface or axial drive rewinder, in shafted, shaftless or cantilever shaft execution) and above all adapted to the substrate or to the material to be handled, always based on performance and reliability purpose.