IndiaPlast, the biggest plastics show in India, was inaugurated by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant in the presence of the Secretary from Ministry of MSME Arun Kumar Panda, PMMAI chairman Mahendra N Patel, and Uflex CMD Ashok Kumar Chaturvedi.

The 5-day exhibition being held at the IndiaExpo Centre in Greater Noida will conclude on 4 March 2019.

Addressing the media at the inaugural ceremony, Uflex LTD CMD Ashok Chaturvedi emphasised the importance of plastics and recycling in India. He stated that the only available alternative for plastic is wood. However, with the requirements that exist, wood will not be a viable solution as all trees would have to be cut, resulting in shaving the green off our planet.

On recyclability, Ashok Chaturvedi said that it is possible to recycle plastics and Uflex is giving a live demo of the Uflex Recycling Machine at the Green Pavilion of IndiaPlast, where Multi-layer Packaging Waste is recycled into pellets through a fairly simple method. Some useful industrial and household products that are made out of pellets, such as benches and ladders, are also being showcased at the Green Pavilion.

Chaturvedi said: “Indiaplast 2019 has provided Uflex with a good platform to showcase its solution for recycling plastics. Mr Amitabh Kant saw the entire procedure of recycling and has appreciated our efforts to make plastic recyclable and reusable.

“People are of the perception that plastics are not recyclable. It is for the visitors to witness themselves the possibilities of recycling plastics and converting it into something useful at the Green Pavilion. The best part is that this machine does not emanate any toxins. Some of the delegates that have visited the Green Pavilion are amazed by the results. There is another added feature as well. After recycling plastic, it can be reused in 10,000 different ways like paver tiles, roads, road dividers, signboards, cupboard, outdoor furniture and many more.

“I want to emphasise that it is possible to recycle and reuse the recycled plastic time and again. Flexible Packaging is the ideal solution for packaging currently and the products packed in it are usable only because of the barrier properties that protect the food from moisture and oxygen, which may destroy the food. The packaging helps to save all the essential properties of the edible product in it.”

Ashok Chaturvedi is confident of the demand for flexible packaging growing further in the coming years and commented: “When there is a complete solution for the waste plastics, the demand is bound to grow. This particular solution of recyclability will encourage people to use more plastic-based materials. I also think that this is the cheapest and best possible option available in the market for packaging edible items. This will definitely help increase the demand for flexible packaging.”

The Uflex CMD concluded by saying that with the support of the government and local authorities, the company will look at setting up projects for the recyclability of post-consumer waste in the near future, which will also generate employment to rag-pickers. He offered technical support to industries that to set up similar solutions for waste management.