Newtec Odense (UK) Ltd. will be ready to show two machines, including a wash-down trolley, at this year’s PPMA Show, taking place 27-29 September.

  • Newtec Mini Weigher, Model 2008PCM
  • Wash-down trolley for the above Mini Weigher
  • Newtec High Care Step Conveyor, Model HCSC

Newtec’s 2008PCM Mini Weigher addresses the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat industries with accurate and high-speed weighing and packing of small and mixed products.

Newtec has considered a wide range of parameters for the 2008PCM Mini Weigher technology such as the handling of small and mixed products, gentle processing that preserves the quality of the product, as well as machinery that is easy to maintain and clean.

In addition, Newtec’s Mini Weigher provides a sustainable solution for working with large product quantities with a minimal giveaway of less than 0,4% and a small footprint, which makes it easier to handle and connect to other Mini Weighers. Its small footprint (as stand-alone or as a line with more machines connected) also makes possible the preservation of space with a much stronger reliance on flexible and automated machinery for the same production rates. All contact surfaces are made in rigidised stainless steel.

You can also look closer at their movable wash-down trolley with a flexible design according to customer request. For example, you can choose to use one or both sides.

No tools are required for mounting and dismounting the removable wash-down items.

Newtec’s brand-new High Care Step Conveyor is a complete turn-key solution – e.g. combined with four Mini Weighers for weighing and packing fresh, mixed, cut fruits.

The High Care Step Conveyor is programmable in seconds and offers automatic and fast changeover for different tray sizes. Containers are fixed during movement enabling high speed.

How Newtec attains sustainable solutions for their customers

“Sustainability, cost-effectiveness, speed and efficiency in production are the core features of the machines we supply to our customers,” says Dean Chilvers, general manager of Newtec Odense (UK) Ltd.

With the help of the automated Newtec weighing, sorting and packing machines, as well as the company’s support and advice regarding production, customers can further expand their sustainability initiative.

When investing in long-lasting Newtec machinery made in durable stainless steel, you invest in a sustainable solution. Newtec machines ensure a quick return on investment and will continue to perform consistently and efficiently throughout their lifetime. The advantages of a high level of automation are also evident.

Newtec supplies over 50 countries worldwide, using an excellent support network and remote connection to all machines.

In addition, Newtec also focuses on delivering energy-saving machinery. Their flexible machines can be customised to more sustainable packaging using fewer plastics or made of sustainable materials or 100% recyclable.

Accurate portion weight leads to reduced giveaways. With gentle product handling, it results in less food waste.

“Many of our customers are in the process of a more green transition“, says Dean Chilvers, and explains with a weighing example:  “With an accurate weight, you avoid overweight and underweight. Reducing overweight provides better utilisation of production volumes. Reducing underweight signals good quality and a consistent product.  As speed and the weighing process are tailored to the portion requirements and the kind of produce our customers focus on, waste and cost are reduced while the quality of the end-product is improved.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand no. C42.