The event will take place at the exhibition halls of the Rimini Expo Centre (Via Emilia, 155 – 47921 Rimini – Italy), from 9:30am to 6pm on:

Tuesday            7 September 2021
Wednesday      8 September 2021
Thursday         9 September 2021

Machines on exhibit:

With our Optical Sorting Machine for Carrots, Newtec proudly presents our cutting-edge multispectral camera, which takes sorting to the next level.

Our LumenAgri™ camera provides a new light source. The use of extra wavelengths in combination with new features in the camera give our customers the opportunity to retrieve more data and improved sorting options. The extra light source allows us to see what we haven’t been able to see before.

For potatoes:

  • Newtec Weighing Machine, Model 4009XB2
  • JASA Hybrid

For apples:

  • Newtec Weighing Machine, Model h2009AL
  • Saclark Filling System
  • JASA Sleever

For garlic:

  • Newtec Mini Weigher, Model 2008PCM
  • C-PACK VAC929

For carrots:

  • Newtec Optical Sorting Machine, Model Celox-C-UHD, 7+1
  • Newtec Weighing Machine, Model 4012B2
  • Newtec Packing Machine, Model NBM2QC

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand:



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