While individually serializing drug packaging does aid identification of each drug sold, WHO cautions that batch/lot level traceability does not provide unequivocal identification of individual units of said batches in the distribution system.

Security is always best when it is applied in multiple levels and innovative ways that are very difficult for counterfeiters to crack. U-NICA offers cutting-edge identification methods that go beyond serial numbers and are immune to weak entries in a data hierarchy.

Our scryptoTRACE® technology offers end-to-end protection via a product verification app that can empower anyone with a smartphone to check the authenticity of your products.

Join U-NICA’s presentation during the conference to get insides of a digital secure tracking approach. Using PIXELCOUD® the strongest printable anti-copy feature worldwide available. PIXELCLOUD® can be added to any packaging design or added as part of U-NICA’s first fully digital security label. This developed visible security feature extends the existing scryptoTRACE® feature family and is fully integrated to grant a complete multi-level approach.