Newtec recently launched a new video in which the head of operations of their long-term customer relation, Axel Månsson A/S, producer of organic vegetables in Denmark, explains the benefits of their Newtec weighing/packing solution: “Newtec’s combination weighing machine with fifteen channels can achieve the efficiency, capacity and precision required in our production”, says Jonas Lauth Pedersen, head of operations – vegetables at Axel Månsson A/S.

The weighing/packing solution for onions presented in the video consists of a multi-head combination weighing machine – model 4015B2, combined with two C-Pack VAC929 net clipping machines. “In order to feed each net clipping machine, we chose our reliable, high-speed multi-head weigher, model 4015B2 with 15 channels. It is part of our latest series of the multi-head combination weighing machines. The weighing machine covers a range of 0.5kg to 5kg and guarantees a very accurate portion weight”, says Christian Max Villadsen, Newtec’s head of sales.

Combined with their unique portion collecting system, specially designed for gentle distribution, the solution ensures a high capacity of approximately 80 to 90 portions/min, all while gently handling products to the net clipping machines. “Due to its robust construction, the model 4015B2 can handle a very high capacity and because the Newtec solution is designed with four outlets, it is able to offer high flexibility”, Christian explains.

How to obtain a smooth production

Newtec’s wide and flexible range of weighing machines opens up several innovative and customised solutions that meet the needs of packhouses and the packaging industry and the requirements they set.

The cost-effective solutions offer a number of advantages such as high weighing accuracy, flexibility, quality and production optimisation. We meet the needs of the smallest and largest packing houses with our weighing machines with four to nine weigh heads and 14 to 15 weigh heads, running up to 120 packs/min.

Advantages highlighted by Newtec customers include quality machinery, easy maintenance, user-friendly software, flexibility, all factors that play an important role in obtaining a smooth production.

Newtec can guide you from A to Z and help you make informative decisions before you invest in new machinery. With their 45 years of industry experience, the company can help you optimise your current production and improve your bottom line.