Reformkontor, based in Zarrentin am Schaalsee, is a supplier for over 1,000 health food stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The range includes soft and dried fruits, nuts and oilseeds, as well as cereals and legumes. When revising the packaging design for the dried fruit area, the company relied on HP Indigo digital printing technology.

In collaboration with Folienprint Rako, a company of the All 4 Labels Group, the company was able to permanently simplify processes.

“The packaging relaunch affected almost 200 articles. If we had done it conventionally, the complexity and costs would have been many times higher,” recalls Enriko Künstler, operations manager at Reformkontor. “The production and handling of the printing forms alone would have caused enormous costs and slowed down the process. For us, digital printing was the only viable option. ”

Since then, the films for the bags in the new design have been supplied by foil print. The Gallin-based company is constant when it comes to the production of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves. The existing range of solutions was expanded in 2015 and invested in digital printing.

“We were thrilled with the capabilities of the HP Indigo 20000 and the collaboration with HP right from the start. We were particularly impressed by the high print quality and the different types of individualisation and personalisation,” confirms Doris Erhardt-Freitag, managing director of Folienprint Rako.

Quality is also crucial at Reformkontor. Not only in product quality, but also in packaging. The potential offered by the quality and delicacy of the product images, which can be reproduced in digital printing, also opens up additional design options compared to conventional printing processes, says Künstler. “But the basics were also right: the films run reliably on our packaging lines and are available at short notice thanks to the film print.”

The packaging relaunch of the dried fruit range started in early 2018. The first products with a new design were already on the shelves in October of the same year. The project was completed in May 2019.

In addition to the elimination of printing form production, a key factor that helps to get to the store shelf faster is the uncomplicated proofing process in digital printing. Several motifs can be released at the same time and any corrections can be implemented directly.

“In the past, we often needed several appointments for print releases, and each change cost us time and money. Digital printing and foil printing have made a significant contribution to making this relaunch efficient, ” concludes Künstler.