“With so much uncertainty to navigate, the drive toward a sustainable future through adopting more efficient working practices is a constant brands should embrace” says Matt Haws, Global Marketing Director at Esko | Brand Solutions, a global supplier of integrated software for packaging, labels, artwork, and other branded materials.

Data analysed up to 7 April found that restrictions imposed around the world had cut daily emissions by 17% vs the daily average for 2019, according to New Scientist.

Esko Brand solutions supplies web-based project and asset management tools as bespoke or turnkey solutions to enable brand teams to collaborate effectively from any location.

“Digitalising workflow often creates a butterfly effect in terms of growing sustainable practices. A streamlined workflow reduces wasted time and resources for immediate impact. Then comes the realisation that teams can collaborate effectively from anywhere and individuals, quite rightly, begin to question whether there’s a need for carbon burning journeys to the office”

Geographically displaced teams have the option to manage project workflow through WebCenter, a web-based project management system that eliminates common problems for teams collaborating on project delivery and Media Beacon, an enterprise-level digital asset management (DAM) system for images, videos and other digital files.

For brand teams needing to adapt with agility to changing Covid-19 restrictions on the workplace and be up and running in a matter of days, Esko Brand Solutions provides a preconfigured version of WebCenter with industry-specific templating and best practice workflows.

Systems such as WebCenter and MediaBeacon, that help to maintain productivity levels while also facilitating reduced environmental impact offer reassurance to employers that effective workflow can be maintained remotely with the right tools.

“We have the opportunity to change for good,” continues Haws. “The global pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the world’s largest experiment on working practices and we should take the positives and run with them. It really would be a missed opportunity for brands if they don’t align new ways of working with existing sustainability goals. With WebCenter and MediaBeacon there’s no need to compromise.”

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