RHODIUS, a renowned German beverage bottler located in Burgbrohl, has significantly bolstered its production capabilities with the installation of its third KHS canning line earlier this year. This state-of-the-art can-filling line not only doubles the company’s bottling capacity to an impressive 200,000 cans per hour but also brings forth heightened quality standards, energy efficiency, and an array of product and packaging choices. RHODIUS is committed to satisfying individual customer demands, reinforcing its position as a family-owned industry innovator.

Sven Wustlich, the head of RHODIUS’ canning line, elaborates, “Our new can-filling line not only increases our capacity but also allows us to cater to our customers’ unique requirements in terms of quality, energy efficiency, and product variety.”

Adaptable can-filling line for diverse customer needs

With a diverse customer base of nearly 100 companies, RHODIUS Co-Packing recognizes the ever-evolving demands in can-filling. To accommodate these needs, the new canning line was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for future expansion and customization. This ensures RHODIUS can promptly adapt to changes in regulations or unique individualization requests from major customers. The result is a can-filling line that can be tailored precisely to customer needs, fostering comprehensive product and packaging diversity.

RHODIUS’ commitment to quality and transparency

RHODIUS places paramount importance on delivering the highest quality standards throughout its customer relationships. From the outset, the company assigns a dedicated contact person to address customer concerns and align with their interests, fostering long-lasting partnerships. Reliability in delivery is crucial, especially for customers supplying the food retail sector, and the new can-filling line not only adds capacity but also sets new benchmarks for quality and process reliability. Additionally, the facility meets the requirements for climate-neutral bottling.

The company’s commitment to transparency is evident in all phases of production. Important planning and production data are actively shared with customers, ensuring they are informed about production dates, final quantities, and the number of beverages that can be rejected. The new can filler employs automatic inline measurement to continuously monitor all relevant parameters, further enhancing quality control.

Enhanced capabilities for alcoholic beverage processing

The new canning line includes a dedicated module for processing alcoholic beverages directly at the mixer, ensuring consistent beverage quality by swiftly detecting and correcting even minor deviations. This feature, coupled with RHODIUS’ bonded warehouse and extensive alcohol storage facility capable of processing 96% alcohol, is particularly advantageous for customers in the ready-to-drink sector.

Hannes Tack, the managing partner of RHODIUS Mineralquellen, sums up the company’s vision: “With our new can filling line, we are strengthening our position as a contract filler for beverage cans and at the same time creating many new opportunities for our customers. We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our value proposition in the future by working with brands large and small.”

About RHODIUS Mineralquellen

RHODIUS Mineralquellen, managed by the eighth generation, offers a diverse portfolio of beverages in the co-packing sector, ranging from mineral water, soft drinks, and energy drinks to wine, beer, and alcoholic mixed drinks. The company also boasts a wide range of cans and packaging options, including its own brands and licensed brands. RHODIUS serves a wide range of customers, both regionally and internationally, generating a turnover of 140 million euros in 2022 with sales exceeding 2 million hectoliters, and employs 358 professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch production and distribution.

Press Contact: Alina Borowski

Product Manager | Public Relations

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