tna has announced that it will unveil its robag® 5, the latest generation of its flagship series of industry-leading VFFS technology, in a world premiere at SNAXPO 2018.

The tna robag 5 will form the final piece in tna performance 5.0, the company’s answer to ultra-high-speed production line performance. Together with the recently launched tna ropac® 5, the world’s fastest case packer for flexible bags, tna’s new VFFS system will deliver unprecedented productivity levels with one of the industry’s smallest footprints.

“2017 was a huge year for us at tna as we launched performance 5.0, a revolutionary new approach to doubling production line performance,” comments Alf Taylor, CEO at tna. “The first part of performance 5.0, the tna ropac 5, was incredibly well-received. Everyone that came to see it in action last year quickly realised that we had just introduced technology to the market that doesn’t just offer a small increase in productivity, but that this system has the potential to transform the industry by doubling the current maximum case packaging speeds. The second part of performance 5.0 will be equally as revolutionary.”

The new tna robag 5 will be a game-changer in many ways as it will not only deliver the ultra-high bagging speeds, but also provide faster changeovers, intuitively designed technology, advanced equipment integration and more product capabilities in a single, highly compact system.

Together with tna’s portfolio of advanced food processing solutions, these new innovations will allow snack food manufacturers to take their production line performance to extraordinary heights, providing them with a significant economic advantage over their competitors.

“It’s been exactly six years since we launched the previous version of the tna robag, the tna robag FX 3ci, at SNAXPO,” adds Taylor. “Up to this day, not a single manufacturer has been able to develop technology that could even get close to the speed and ingenuity of our last innovation. But for us, it’s not just about being the fastest.

“It’s about continuous innovation and this includes the development of equipment that delivers long-term economic and operational benefits to our customers, not just for now, but also in the future. It’s an exciting time for us and our customers and we can’t wait to show just how much further we can take the industry when we unveil the new bagger in March.”

With equipment ranging from materials handling, processing, cooling, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection, verification and end-of-line solutions, tna is the only supplier in the snack industry that offers complete turnkey solutions for every step of the production line.

As part of tna’s complete range of start-to-finish snack equipment solutions, the company will also display some of the industry’s most innovative conveying, inserting and seasoning technology, while demonstrating to visitors how its high-performance frying solutions can cut raw material costs, while maintaining the highest product quality.

This year’s display will also include the latest addition to tna’s portfolio of unique distribution solutions, the tna roflo® VMCS 3. As the world’s first chip sizer that uses vibratory motion to separate large from small chips, the tna roflo VMCS 3 is able to maximise packaging efficiencies and speeds for a wide variety of fried snack products such as potato chips, but also fruit and other root vegetable chips.

Visitors will be able to find out how the system’s unique pan design ensures that each chip is sized, sorted and gently transported along the line for a continuous product flow with minimum breakage.

To find out more about tna’s complete snack portfolio and be one of the first to see the next generation of VFFS technology first hand, visit tna at SNAXPO booth 417.

SNAXPO takes place on 12-14 March in Atlanta, US.