Laem System, a leader in Italian slitting rewinding machinery, understands and believes that your finished product, your final result, is crucial.

Following the extrusion, processing, laminating, printing, and other key phases of converting your product concludes its journey on a slitter rewinder and end of line handling, packaging and palletising before going to the customer. Your product is worth the best treatment during these final stages of production, so why cut corners or do with less?

Laem System is well-known for the product of excellence in slitting and rewinding machinery and it is not only for the look and design. We understand your needs and have developed a range of products that pay attention to detail where needed.

One of the recent revolutions was to apply the familiar turret system usually found on the rewinding arms to the unwinding phase of the machinery.

The customers requirement to have fast change over times on the loading of the mother reel was answered with a special robust turret on the unwinder with independent or simultaneous arm movements to facilitate pick up of the mother reel and incorporated splicing table to further reduce down time.

The special structure was designed to hold thick APET rolls weighing up to 2,500kg with an outer diameter of 1,000mm.

Another design, that will be presented during ICE EUROPE in Germany this March, is the EASY LAEM. Along the same idea of deserving quality, Laem has launched the Easy Leam, revolutionising the world of high quality converting, offering a compact and easy-to-use model that is accessible to all.

The compact design will meet the needs of most converters whether it is the answer to that smaller investment. or the secondary new slitter needed or the machine to be dedicated to one specific product. Whichever it is, rest assured that the compact design will tick all of the boxes; performance, price, quality and safety.

Finally, the union of two great Italian industrial realities, Laem System and Eutro Log, brought about a new way of thinking, an innovative and integrated modular solution known as i.solution. Modern day businesses are seeking solutions to drastically reduce down times, to automate and integrate the various processes of manufacturing, maintaining health and safety at the forefront, while drastically improving productivity.

The avant-garde i.solution notion marries the German born concept, Industry 4.0, striving towards the intelligent factory composed of intelligent machinery, integrated solutions and synchronised systems.

Laem System and Eutro Log are celebrating these ideas and solutions during the numerous events taking place in 2015: ICE USA in Orlando, Florida; ICE EUROPE in Munich, Germany; Plast, Converflex and Intralogistica in Milan, Italy.