Folienprint specialises in shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. The German company’s mission is to develop suitable packaging according to the unique requirements of each customer and product.

In packaging, every application and customer has particular requirements that must be considered. The dominant issues are currently barrier function and minimal material use.

The use of aluminium layers in composite films leads to high CO2 emissions during production, which is why Folienprint invented the Starsaver, an alternative packaging method with outstanding safety features.

Special metallisation technology is able to offer lightweight, high-barrier protection with greatly reduced CO2 emissions that requires up to 97% less aluminium than composite techniques. This, in turn, leads to significant savings on materials and, therefore, overall cost. Short-term availability is another reason to choose Starsaver.

A large number of different film combinations within the Starsaver product range are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. A variety of foil combinations is possible, according to customers’ optical, haptic and technical/processing requirements.

Every custom-made product offers outstanding product safety and a long shelf life for packaged food.

Starsaver has been specially developed for products with high barrier requirements, such as coffee and powdery products, nuts and snacks, and pet food, as well as for dry products, baby food and cosmetics.

A variety of optical and haptic design options accompany this innovative and sustainable product.

MOSH/MOAH protection also contributed to the development of Starblocker. Its high-barrier OPP construction enables customer to use materials with a higher protection; aromatic products can be protected and freshness can be maintained for longer.