PPG is to demonstrate the robustness and flexibility of its of TESLIN® labels at the forthcoming Pharma Packaging and Labeling USA.

The event takes place in Philadelphia from 24-25 February and PPG can be found at booth 23.

Visitors will see Teslin labels test results for durability against abrasion, chemicals, moisture and other hazards they may encounter as products are manufactured, tracked and delivered through manufacturer supply chains.

PPG will also showcase a Teslin label stock that recently achieved British Standard (BS) 5609 Section II certification, and now enables businesses to comply with mandates for Global Harmonization Standard (GHS) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code.

Because of their unique microporous structure, Teslin labels offer label converters, security professionals, brand managers and packaging designers an exclusive array of performance characteristics. Unlike other non-porous synthetic label stocks such as vinyl and polypropylene, Teslin labels absorb inks and toners into their surface, which protects printed security data such as bar codes, QR codes, expiration dates, warnings and instructions from being altered or removed, even after prolonged exposure to seawater or excessive scuffing during shipping and handling.

The ability to absorb inks and toners and to resist heat enable Teslin labels to be compatible with a broad range of offset and digital printing technologies, including ink-jet, laser and thermal transfer, without the specialty coatings required by other synthetic substrates. This characteristic gives manufacturers the flexibility to print fixed information on labels using one technology and to add variable information using another.

Teslin labels are ideal for upscale luxury brand labeling because of their soft, sumptuous feel and well as their ability to brilliantly reproduce brand-related color, photos and graphics. They also are static-resistant for increased safety in industrial and chemical environments, remain pliable during extreme hot-to-cold temperature cycling and are conformable to blood bags or other liquid-filled containers that frequently change shape.

For more information, visit PPG at booth 23.