During June 2020, bcm transtech, from Denmark, has installed its largest semi-automatic storage solution for rotary dies in a corrugated plant in Europe.

The storage has 5,000 available rotary die spaces in total and runs with the newest version of bcm’s semi-automatic storage crane.

The total size of the storage system is 8m tall, 45m long and 9.6m wide.

Thus, bcm has managed to squeeze in 5,000 rotary dies in just 440m².

Therefore, by using the height in the warehouse, taking up totally 3,500m², bcm has managed to supply an optimised storage solution for the customer.

At the same time, all dies are now safe and well organised and always very easy to find.

The big advantages of the semi-automatic bcm storage system compared to the manual storage system are:

  • Once the crane has been placed at the right column, it automatically finds the level and position of the die to collect or deliver.
  • Also, the lifting and lowering of the die is done automatically, ensuring that the dies are always placed and lifted correctly.
  • All dies are also individually marked and can be linked to the customer’s ERP-system and order processing system.
  • Thus, the semi-automatic storage crane from bcm ensures an even more smooth and safe operation of the storage system and dies than the manual system.