As a result of its continuing international expansion, seven production facilities and 24 companies, the Piovan Group has been able to build-up an articulated position in all main trading partner nations.

This multinational-style of organisation is based on strong local representation and a close working relationship with the customers, wherever they are.

Piovan has been operating in the plastics sector since 1964: during these fifty years it has reached many important milestones. While in the beginning the company concentrated on the development of plastic processing technology, it later adopted a strategy of specialisation in conversion processes.

Now it has extended its areas of expertise to include a number of sectors where plastic materials are used. Ten years ago, the company was divided into four divisions: injection and blow moulding, extrusion, PET preforms, and optical applications.

At the beginning of 2013 there was a further re-organisation with the introduction of ten application sectors that correspond with specific industrial segments and products that Piovan, together with other companies from the group, is able to supply in highly specialised formats: PET preforms and bottles, rigid packaging, automotive components, medical solutions, technical pParts, thermoforming and technical sheets, flexible film, pipes – profiles – cables, fibres and strapping, recycling and compounds.

In 2008 the group began its mission to strengthen its position in the marketplace with its acquisition of Universal Dynamics (Una-Dyn), a US-based company specialising is the design and production of storage, handling, blending and drying systems. The Una-Dyn purchase was key to Piovan’s breaking into the American market.

In the following six years, the partnership with the Virginia-based company went from strength to strength and Una-Dyn is now a well-established member of the Piovan family fully on-board with the group’s objectives in terms of product design, expansion and sales strategies.

German company FDM, a leading name in blending systems for extrusion lines based in the town of Königswinter, joined the group in 2010.

This was followed, at the end of 2014, by Penta, an Italian firm from Poggio Renatico, near Ferrara, that designs and produces large-scale systems for the storage and handling of raw materials and ingredients in powdered form used mainly in the plastics and food and beverage industries.

Aquatech, a new company founded to operate in the industrial refrigeration sector, opened its doors in January 2015 and represents a natural evolution of Piovan’s existing chiller department. Another member of the group, Energys, works mainly on the Italian market in the field of energy efficient industrial systems.